2012 Marketing Blitz

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2012 Marketing Blitz

Post by nickb1016 on Fri Oct 02, 2009 2:21 am

2012 is making a pretty bold move tonight as it is going to air a 2 minute clip pretty much everywhere.

The studio says the marketing blitz will be the largest broadcast, cable, online and mobile media preview ever attached to a movie promotion. The "roadblock" style event is expected to reach nearly 110 million television viewers, more than a Super Bowl viewing audience, according to Sony.
The action-heavy clip will air on the major broadcast networks, 89 cable networks, local stations in the top 70 markets, and Spanish-language networks across the U.S. It's all on behalf of a film that doesn't open until November 13.

more at http://boxoffice.com/featured_stories/2009/10/media-blizzard.php

The question is how big of an impact is this going to have on the box office. The studio must be extremely confident to be trying this. The movie is probably stupid, but im guesing lots of fun. The fact that its going for every channel means its expecting wide appeal across all demos.

This is a move that was always going to do well but the studio seems to be looking for a lot more than well. If this thing opens anywere below 60million head will roll at sony. I think it has the potential to open as high 75million or maybe more if the marketing strategy really pays off. Its going to be interesting.

Any thoughts on how this will effect 2012 boxoffice?

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