How to Create a Slate -- read this and let me know if I left anything out

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How to Create a Slate -- read this and let me know if I left anything out

Post by W on Sat Oct 10, 2009 12:55 am

I had to help someone earlier with this earlier and was wondering if we've lost potential players in the past because our system is hard to figure out, so here goes:

How to Create a Slate

Under the "Slates" forum, there will be a topic that reads "(starting month)-(ending month) Pricing List." Use that pricing list to create a box office and ultimate slate (differences below) who's price doesn't exceed $100 or 8 films. As a word of advice, it's best to go with 8 films in ultimate, but I've seen box office leagues won with anywhere from 4 to 8 films before.

After you have your slates created, send them to Shrykespeare in a PM or email them to If any changes need made at any point in the season, please send the changes to the same place. You cannot, however, change a film after it has been released into theaters.

Differences Between Box Office and Ultimate Leagues

Box Office leagues are the easiest to understand and if you are a first time player just starting out and only want to create one slate instead of two, this is probably the one that you should go with though you can always go with both. Box Office leagues are just as simple as they sound, you spend $100 (or less) with 8 films (or less) trying to get the biggest box office gross possible.

Ultimate leagues are the more complex of the two. If you've ever played fantasy sports, these are the same as roto (rotisserie) leagues. If you don't know what a roto league is, let me explain. In Ultimate there are four catagories: box office (BO), per theater average points (PTA), top five points (T5), and IMDb User Rating (IMDb or UR). I will explain the categories later.

In each category, you will receive an amount of points based on your ranking in that specific category. If there are six players, the person with the most box office will receive six points and the person with the least box office will receive 1 point. At the end of the league, you will add up the amount of points for each category and the person with the most points wins.


Box Office, or BO for short, is the domestic gross of the film in the time frame that the leagues are for, so if something makes $140 million before the league's deadline, you will have $140 million added to your score.

Per Theater Average Points, or PTA, is given to the top five films in Per Theater Average. Per Theater Average is calculated as Weekend Domestic Gross/Theater Count. The first place in that weekend gets five points and fifth place gets one point. You add them from week to week, so if in the first week, you have one film that places second and one that places fourth in PTA, that would be six points for the week and you would add the next week's score to it.

Top Five Points, or T5, is like PTA but is based on weekend domestic gross for the top five films given weekend. So if you have a film that wins the weekend, it would get five points and a film that places third would get three points.

IMDb User Rating, or IMDb or UR for short, is the rating the film gets on the Internet Movie Database's website ( It's given on a ten point scale and is rated by average people that have seen the film (for the most part). At the end of the season, you will add up all of your film's IMDb scores and your placement there will get you points.

That's about it. If there are any questions, you can contact anyone who's user name is red. The ones that are on the most are probably W, Buscemi, Geezer9687, and Shrykespeare, though most anyone that is online at a given time can probably help you out.

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